Healthi Story Platform

On the Mobile Health Station, after user identification, you can perform the measurements below in only 6 minutes. These results are automatically recorded in the user database account. During live measurements brief information about the results are given. Last measured values may be sent to the user via SMS.

Parameters related to the cardiovascular system:
- "Highest" Pressure (Systolic)
- "Lowest" Pressure (Diastolic)
- Pulse Pressure
- Pulse
- Mean Arterial Pressure
- Arrhythmia
- Total Cholesterol (TC)
- "Good" Cholesterol (HDL)
- "Bad" Cholesterol (LDL)
- Triglyceride
- TC/HDL Ratio
- Non-HDL
- LDL/HDL Ratio
- 10-Years Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases
Parameters related to the blood glucose:
- Fasting Blood Glucose
- Postprandial Blood Glucose
Parameters related to the Complete Blood Count:
- Hematocrit
- Hemoglobin
- Red Blood Cell count (RBC)
- Mean Cell Volume (MCV)
- Mean Cell Hemoglobin (MCH)
- Mean Cell Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC)
Parameters related to the body analysis:
- Weight
- Recommended Ideal Weight
- Body Mass Index
- Body Fat Ratio
- Lean Body Mass
- Lean Body Mass Ratio
- Body Surface Area
- Total Body Water (in liters)
- Total Body Water Ratio
- Resting Basal Metabolic Rate
- Recommended Fluid Intake Per Day
- Recommended Water Intake Per Day
- Temperature
- Amount of Ketone in the Blood
- Amount of Creatinine in the Blood
- Glomerular Filtration Rate
- Unadjusted Glomerular Filtration Rate
- Creatinine Clearance
- Corrected Creatinine Clearance
- Uric Acid in Blood
- Glucose Ketone Index (GKI)

By accesing to your account on our website, the graphical trends of the latest and previous measurement results can be observed. The evaluation of these results can be viewed and health parameters guidance obtained; whether the values are critical or needs attention. If there are critical values however, the user will be recommended to visit a doctor. Statistical analysis of past measurements makes it possible to estimate a future health trend.

If you are getting treatment within the framework of the system parameters, by performing regular measurements during this treatment and comparing them with the reference ranges, you can graphically monitor the treatment impacts.

Early detection of health risks and redirecting the user to the doctor at the right time, will help prevent exacerbation of diseases. By obtaining detailed information about healthy lifestyle from our website and taking early action against any warnings, you can extend your Healthy Lifetime.