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Mobile Health Station<br>(mass measurement model for business)

Mobile Health Station
(mass measurement model for business)

On the Mobile Health Station, after user identification, 44 measurements can be performed in only 7 minutes. These results are automatically recorded in the user’s account in the portal and provided immediately via E-mail and SMS.

• The Mobile Health Station (portable bag) is interworking with the Portal in real time mode.

• For operation of the station Wi-Fi or data card is required.

• One station may serve one person in 7 minutes, 8 per hour, 68 for 8 hours, 2040 per month, 24480 per year. Return of Investment (ROI) period is one month per station, with 50% utilization (1000 full checkup per month).

• N number of station may work in parallel.

• Employment a nurse is recommended to operate the station. The nurse will perform a one-time subscription (1 minute is required) and measurements. If several stations operate at the same location, then for up to 5 stations employment of one registrar is advised. These will speed-up the processes. One tablet PC or notebook is required per registrar.

• Strips and lancets are used to measure some parameters from capillary blood (from the finger). In large-scale project implementation (as a social project) the main costs are created by strips.